Great Ocean Road




The Great Ocean Road was amazing and the pictures we took deserve a blog post of their own. A great day out and so pleased we had the opportunity to do it on a day as beautiful as we did!

The Great Ocean Road is actually a war memorial, the biggest in the world and it’s hard to imagine a better tribute than possible the best road to travel in the world.

The 12 apostles (though there aren’t 12) are the most famous point, but we found others to be just as spectacular and considerably less busy.

The water in the pictures is beautiful but deadly. The coast the road follows is called the ‘shipwreck coast’ because the tides and currents are so strong. One of the bays 2 people out of hundreds on a boat survived a shipwreck and were washed up there, to think that we were standing in scenery that had barely been touched in the meantime was amazing.


Bay of Islands


“London Bridge” it used to be connected to the rock on the left of the picture but one day it just collapsed, about 20 years ago.


This is nice.


“Thunder Cave” the water gushing sounded like thunder and it’s a cave.



V good.



The 12 Apostles (the small piles on the floor count as apostles).



We sat and ate our lunch here. Pretty nice I fink.




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It’s very rainy in australia


For a while we didn’t have any internet where we are now, but with an Ethernet cable we’re able to get on. So that’s good.

It’s been about a month since our last update and loads has happened and changed.

Firstly, we had a nice last week at Peter’s and then we left to come to a town called Rye. If you look a map then to the South East of Melbourne there’s a peninsula that looks like a small Italy, Rye is pretty much where the toe would be. It’s a touristy type place but to be honest Rye is basically a row of shops that stretch maybe a kilometre at a push on a sea front. Behind that front there is a ridiculously large labyrinth of streets and houses of which we are living somewhere in.

Before coming here we spent 2 days in Melbourne which was pretty awesome. The weather was great and it was nice to just be alone with the 2 of us again. Leigh begged me to take her to an A League football match and I reluctantly agreed. In truth I wanted to go and see an A League match and Leigh mostly read Gone With the Wind.

We saw Melbourne Heart play Central Coast Mariners. I’m a big football fan and I don’t like slamming quality of football, people take the piss out of MLS but I reckon that’s roughly championship level but oh my god this way awful. Basically what happened for 90 minutes was that a centre back hoofed the ball towards a winger who wasn’t marked but didn’t have the ability to control the ball very often so the other team got a throw in and tried doing the same. Patrick Kisnorbo and Marcel Seip were the two centre backs who played basically as quarterbacks, both were OK championship centre backs and were by far the best players on show. The game ended 2-2, Melbourne went 2-0 up after 2 pretty bad mistakes one from the keeper and one from a full back and then the referee gave Central Coast as bad a penalty as I’ve ever seen then a pretty solid looking penalty and then the match ended. James Meredith was an Aussie who played for York in non league and he was a class above the full backs on show, one struggled to stand up properly. Australia may well be the weakest team at the next World Cup, without Kewell, Viduka, Cahill, Shwartzer, Neill, Emerton etc they really have no quality.


Anyway then we came to Rye. The family we’re with are really, really nice. The two parents own a business in Rye which does Mexican food and live music. I think if there are 2 more generally like concepts in the world than ‘live music’ and ‘mexican food’ I need to hear them. They have 3 kids who run around shouting from 7AM to about 8PM and then we have an aspirin and go to bed.

But for the last week and a half, and for the next week and a half they’re all in Bali doing a holiday. So we have the house to ourselves. Not completely to ourselves because there’s a dog here called Charlie but he’s my favourite dog in the whole wide world and we’ve watched the Hangover Movies and we pretend we’re a wolfpack! Charlie can sit and stand on two legs and poo and bark at birds and generally do things dogs can do but better. I heard Leigh the other night ringing up Emirates and asking if she can the name of the second passenger to “Charlie McDog”…

Yes that’s right, we’re coming home!

We decided not to bother getting jobs here because as much as we are in Australia working shitty jobs to get by  is not what we want to do any more. Wellington was a lesson for us and we don’t want to repeat it. So, in less than 3 weeks we actually are coming home. Wowzer. 6:45 PM at Birmingham airport is where its at y’all.

So we’ve basically just chosen to enjoy our last few weeks here. We’re in this place for another couple of weeks, then we get a bus to Sydney where we stay for a few days and then fly home, simples.

We’d planned to spend this time alone in Rye sunning ourselves on the beach. We’ve definitely spent more time on the beach than the sun has out. Australia I suppose is a continent. Perth, Brisbane, Sydney etc are like the Greek climatey bits. Melbourne is like… England… sadly. The forecast is for some sun next week but I’ll believe it when I see it.

We were very lucky in that on the one sunny day we’ve had down here we were lucky enough to go and to the Great Ocean road with 2 english girls who’d helped with the family before and the Portuguese nanny who’s here too. It really was a road on the ocean and I think ‘great’ is a fair adjective.

Anyway, I’ll shut up now and show some pictures of things.

I’ve decided I’ll do another post with just Great Ocean Road pictures. ok thanks, bye.

This is a rare sunny day in Rye.As you can see by the shadow on her, Leigh’s anti-sun devices are very efficient. Well done Leigh.


I am such a div.


Fair enough.


They showed our episodes of Millionaire hot seat. I say ours, we were just behind the contestants head, but that’s still good.


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This is what we have been doing


It has been ages since our last blog and to be honest I don’t know where the time has gone. People say time goes quickly when you’re travelling but this is just silly.

It feels like no time ago we were in Waipu, or Rotorua or the South island of NZ or moving into our Wellington flat, but the truth is that those things all happened more than or only slightly less than 6 months ago now.

It feels like yesterday we flew into Melbourne and moved in with the Laird family in Greensborough, but that was near the end of August and it’s already half way through October. It’s almost a month to the day that we last blogged but it feels so fresh in the memory. Soz.

After leaving Greensborough we decided to come to another helpx in a very small place just North of Melbourne. In Britain this would be a fair chunk of the nation away but in Australia it’s basically the same place. It’s called Glenlyon and there’s nothing really here except some houses and a pub, which is all you need I think.

We are living on a small farm block. The guy who lives here has an incredible amount of stuff going on, he plants so much fruit and veg and has a dam and chickens and ducks and all sorts of things I don’t understand how they work. We do various tasks including general maintenance and cooking and that. We’ve been here for 3 weeks now and are going to stay roughly one more.

It’s been a pretty comfortable few weeks. We’ve met some really nice people here and had a good time. It’s nice to be outdoors a lot of the time and doing different stuff. It will be nice to go somewhere a bit bigger with a bit more going on but it’s been a good experience being very rural.

Also, the weather in Victoria is stupid. It’s changeable beyond belief. This afternoon me and Leigh took a 1 hour walk where we set off in broad sunlight, then it started pouring down, then it was sunny again and then it starting hailing really strongly. And now it’s sunny again. Generally the weather has been pretty good and we’re starting to tan.

We’re looking forward to when it’s actually Summer.

These are some pictures that we took of things we saw:


“Get off me you complete idiot”


We live in a caravan. It is this one.


There are penguins on this farm. (Not really, this is Melbourne aquarium, silly me.)


I literally had no idea what I was doing up there.



Personally I’d have put a football pitch here but Peter went for ‘food’ and silly things like that.



Damn yous a sexy chick.


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australia by dave nicholson aged 22

In the last blog Leigh said we went to a park where there were apparently kangaroos but we didn’t see any. To be honest we were suspecting we’d just been punked and there were no kangaroos. In fact, we were wondering if the existence of kangaroos in Australia as a whole was just one big in joke to make foreigners believe something stupid. We thought that when they filmed skippy the bush kangaroo that at the end of every episode a man unzipped the costume and went “omg, I can’t believe that all these people outside of Australia believe that kangaroos are real!!!”

rangakoo kroo kangarooCostume062 kizzle and rizzle

^ Australias idea of a practical joke?

But then we went back and there were loads. So that was the end of that.


Before this trip I always said penguin was my favourite animal, and it probably still is but kangaroo is also really good. Leigh said that it’s weird because they look exactly like you imagine but they’re still quite surprising somehow. They’re quite varying in size, some are probably about as tall as me and they’re quite a lot fatter too. But they’re so graceful and make no sound. They just kind of looked at us and went about their own business like we weren’t there. We even saw some with babies in their pouches. To an Australian who sees Kangaroos every day in the office/down the pub this will all seem a bit ott, but I thought they were great.


Here are some of them.


030 027 

Apart from that we’ve been doing some other things as well.


The people we’re staying with are really really nice. They are a family of 6 with the 4 kids ranging from 12 to 17. They’re very sporty and their youngest son is named Bradman, after Don Bradman the famous Aussie cricketer. It is a tip I will taking and my kids will be called Parslow and Fyfield after 2 York City FC LEGENDS!!!!!!! They’re very good at sport and we’ve seen their 2 daughters playing both netball and basketball and on both occasions they as an individual outscored everyone else playing. That reminds me of that time I played football and scored 100 goals in a match.


We do odd jobs around the house and we’ve become quite good at cooking for 8 people in one meal. This is a Shepherds Pie that says Dave in it.



We went to see the Melbourne Storm play Rugby League as well. It’s an odd city for sport, the Storm are arguably the best team in the world (certainly were last season) and yet in Melbourne, which is sports mad they only average about 12,000 fans. AFL games very rarely fail to break 40,000 at the MCG and even the better soccer team, the Victory, get over 20,000 to home games, despite the standard being barely better than the Lancaster University College B league. The Storm won with the brilliantly named Cooper Cronk scoring an extra time golden point drop goal.


Melbourne’s really nice and we could easily stay here for a while. That said we’re not going to. We’ve thought about it quite a lot and we’re just not really fancying living in a city and doing jobs and getting a flat thing the same again. Some bits in Wellington were good, but the work was rubbish and it felt a bit pointless sometimes.


Instead we’re going to go to a town called Rye which is on the Mornington Peninsula. The Peninsula is a gorgeous area just south of Melbourne which is a huge tourist destination in Summer. We have a helpx lined up there and they’re happy for us to look for paid work as well. So if all goes to plan we’ll have free accommodation and be earning some money. Even if we just do a few hours a week each it’ll be good. The family seem really nice and we’re really looking forward to going.


But before that we have about a month to kill. We’re toying with the idea of getting another rental relocation but last time we did that we ended up taking a minibus round the south island of NZ. It might be a good chance to go to Sydney/Gold Coast/Perth/Alice Springs now, but we’re not sure what to do. We have 5 days to decide so aaages. Instead of planning, tomorrow we’re going to watch Australian Who Wants to be a Millionaire being recorded. Hopefully the next blog will consist of me getting on the show after someone doesn’t turn up for their recording date and telling you we’ve moved to Vanuatu because I bought it.


If anyone has any ideas please tell us or we might just sit in a park for 4 weeks not sure what to do.


There was an election in Australia recently. It’s weird because people back home in Britain seemed a lot more bothered than anyone here. I guess that’s because the Gillard government was very unpopular here for a long time so it was never going to be close or a big event. Labour’s cunning plan of replacing her with a prime minister who had previously been unpopular and given a vote of no confidence by his own party funnily enough didn’t change the race much and the Conservative/Liberal (no idea how that works either) coalition won by a landslide. People in Britain only noticed there was an election at the last minute so there seemed to be a lot of hysteria about how horrible a man Abbott is (I can’t remember his first name) but to be honest from what I can tell his and Gillard’s policies seem almost identical. Both are against gay marriage and immigration, neither are planning on moving Australia to somewhere in the world where anyone will notice anything they do. I was quite pleased Abbott won because he looks a bit like Agent Smith from the Matrix.  #politics.

hugo weeing

Victoria State council have probably the best Railway Safety ad campaign in the world ever:


I’d recommend watching it. The characters are everywhere. Here is photographic evidence Leigh will not not try and change platforms across the tracks or skip level crossing gates!


So yeah, that is what’s happened in Australia so far. We’ve been here 3 weeks and feel very comfortable, but the next month could see us anywhere really, which I suppose is exciting.


Shout out to Lynette Scavo from Desperate Housewives.


015 lizzie


love from dave bye.

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Hello Australia!

We had a lovely little fly across the Tasman and we are now in Melbourne!

Here are some number facts from the internet that may or may not be true:
For perspective, Melbourne has a population of about 4 ¼ million people. I think that’s about half of the people who live in London, but then the whole of the West Midlands built up area has just under 2.5 million, so in conclusion, it’s pretty big.

The ‘bigness’ of Australia is something we’re just beginning to consider and something I for one am really struggling to fathom. Did you know it’s like 950 kms from Melbourne to Sydney. This country is massive!! I think the reason it’s so weird is because the middle is so empty. Imagine the USA with New York and LA and not a lot in between. Woah!

Of course the consequence is that you don’t really live in the city as a whole, but rather in the bit of it, and the bit that we’re in is really very nice. For the next 3 weeks or so we are staying with a great family of 6 in a place called Greensborough, which is a pretty big suburb about 30 minutes by train from the city centre.

Last night when we were walking back we saw a possum (or a raccoon? I don’t really know what the difference is and it was dark) doing the upside down crawl across the power line. Whacky!

One day we went for a lovely explore in the CBD. Have you ever had to go to London and you get off the train and go out of the station, and it’s all just a bit overwhelming with how busy and chaotic it is, and you feel kinda dumb and like everyone around can tell that you’re not from there and don’t really know what you are doing? Well it was a bit like that, just much cleaner.

What a nice train station.

What a nice train station.

Melbourne has a fantastic reputation, and we’ve been hearing nothing but good things about it since we started travelling. From the little we’ve seen so far we can agree that it is a lively and interesting place to be, and we’re really looking forward to spending a few weeks here.




Anyway, we’ve been here just about a week now and we’ve had a jolly good explore. On Saturday we did another explore in Melbourne which is now a lot more familiar, and we went to an Aussie Rules football match which I think is always going to be a bit confusing, but it was a lot of fun.

I took a picture but it was on my old school film camera so you’re gonna have to wait for that one, sozza. Aussie Rules is kinda like Rugby, but different. There are LOADS of people on the pitch and they don’t really stop running around. The game is made up of 4 quarters like American football. The goals are 4 tall vertical poles and you can score 6 points for kicking it through the middle 2 posts and 1 point for the outer posts. They seem to tackle each other a lot but I haven’t quite figured out the finer points of it. Also, the ball is a lot like a rugby ball, which is funny because they bounce it sometimes like in Basketball. Crazy!

Most of the time we have just been enjoying the nice weather as spring is setting in – it really has been a very long time since we’ve had a proper summer and we’re really looking forward to this one, though by the time it comes we’ll probably be parched and begging for snow.

Barry St, Greenborough

Barry St, Greensborough

I’m happy/disappointed to report that we haven’t really seen any dangerous animals, and I haven’t seen a single spider this whole week, which makes me feel a bit let down but I suppose it’s a good thing. We had a good ramble in a nice nature reserve place where we were told there were kangaroos, but we didn’t see any. Maybe another day…


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Although we lost the camera and then found it on our last day in Wellington, we did manage some pictures from New Zealand- here they are:


There’s a market on Sunday in Wellington. Sometimes the fruit is bigger than average, which makes Leigh well pleased.

[Edit: Hello! It is Leigh! I just want to make sure Dave has fully impressed upon you how exciting big fruit AND VEGETABLES can be. That there in my right hand is a SILVERBEET which is kinda like swiss chard. It cost $1. $1!!!!!! That’s amazing! It’s ENORMOUS! Fabulous. The carrot was massive too you just can’t tell because the silverbeet is so big. Yay!]


I really like this picture, one of the best things about Wellington is that you could take really nice pictures like this right in the city centre.


This man looks over Wellington harbour. Sometimes tourists pretend to be pushing him in but we’re not that immature.


Leigh thinks it’s well funny to pretend to fall into the sea, what a wally!!!!!


This is, I think, the worst water feature in the world. Plastic buckets awkwardly pour into each other and sometimes splashes unsuspecting people who are busy texting. Other people disagree and it’s now a Wellington ‘icon’. I must be getting old.


Look at how good a barista Leigh is now!!!!! Only kidding, this was a coffee we bought in a coffee shop, but Leigh’s such a prankster she wanted to pretend she made it.


This was in the countryside, believe it or not.


I wish I could come up with words to describe how cute this picture is. Ivy was a lamb who lived in the house in Carterton until she took pretending to be a dog one step too far and started climbing on furniture. This is a look of desperation of wanting to come back inside. Poor lamb. 😦


We went to a quiz night whilst in Carterton. Our team were the Purple Pirates but only me, Rhiann and Chuckles the Teddy really bought into the uniform. My gang signs need work, where’s my pinky going?


An Englishman and an Argentinian would have found the quiz loads easier if the question weren’t all about some insignificant country somewhere near to Australia….


The Australian’s have a lineout in a dangerous place. I’m pretty sure this was one of the 100 times they gave the All Blacks the ball.

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E noho rā Aotearoa


Remember us? Of course you don’t, we did a blog months ago and then stopped for ages.

The last time you heard from us we were planning on settling into Wellington for about 3 months and trying to find tedious jobs to sustain such a lifestyle that we could afford to go to movies and restaurants. I suppose you could say we were successful…

Apologies for the sudden stopping of blogs, it was down to a few reasons.

Firstly, things obviously slowed down a lot whilst we were in Welly. Whilst we were travelling we were doing new things and seeing cool stuff and meeting lots of people every single day. In Wellington we still did the same things but at a much slower rate, so it was hard to motivate ourselves to blog about a week of getting up and going to work and then going to bed and then maybe going to the pub on a couple of nights a week. Hardly exciting stuff for you either.

Also we lost our camera battery charger. The blogs involved lots of pictures and we couldn’t take any.

I say ‘lost’, it turns out it was in Leigh’s clothes drawer for 3 months but we only found it when we left. At least we didn’t spend any money on a replacement eh? (Now we both say “eh?” at the end of every sentence because we’re real North islanders, which will either catch on or just annoy you all when we come back eh?)

So, what have we been up to??????

The City

Wellington’s a really good city with lots going on. It’s very small for a capital (it is about the same size as York and considerably smaller than Wolverhampton) which had its pro’s and con’s. Probably the biggest pro being every time anything happens in New Zealand the new reports come from places you recognise.

There’s lots of good food/coffee/drink outlets and we enjoyed those. After moving around for a long time it was great to have a flat to call home and to really get to know a city and learn our way round.

Our flat was pretty much perfect for our needs. Our flatmates were all really great and it was right in the heart of the CBD. We had a comfy mattress and met loads of great people in our time in Wellington. That was probably the biggest success in our time there!

Also Leigh saw Martin Freeman in the supermarket.

Which brings me to…


Initially me and Leigh both got work through a Hospitality Temp Agency. Within a week we’d usually between us get paid plenty for rent and food but not really a lot on top of that. The jobs were varied, here are some examples using the medium of bullet points:

  • We both worked a 1000 person dinner for Harcourts estate agents who were all drunk and stupid. This was not fun.
  • We also worked at an historic Maori dinner for them signing a treaty and getting lots of money. This was quite good.
  • I (Dave) worked a business lunch for the trans-Tasman business association where the richest people in the region had lunch. The speaker was the head of NZ Oil and listening to his logic of the way the world worked was disturbing. This was OK.
  • I worked in the first class lounge at the airport cleaning up after people. This was very boring but people were always really friendly so I didn’t mind much.
  • The job I got repeatedly was running a bar at Deloitte when they had functions. The kitchen staff there were genuinely brilliant and I loved it. When I wasn’t doing anything else I would have done it just for something to do, I didn’t tell them that though.

Leigh quite quickly got a job at a hotel called the Wellesley and after a couple of near misses in a call centre and craft beer pub my job situation got bleaker and bleaker and I was only doing whatever Temp Centre shifts I could get.

With about 6 weeks until it closed for earthquake repairs I also started working at the same Hotel, which meant we both were, obviously.

It wasn’t really any fun at all to be honest. The chef was a trumped up Gordon Ramsey-wannabe with a teeny-tiny fuse. Turns out it’s not that much fun working in a restaurant where you have to persuade the chef to cook the food, so morale was pretty low and everything was really just more stressful than it needed to be. Masterchef is way less enjoyable than it used to be.

We’ve saved up a fair amount for Australia through that job though. Was it worth it for the stress and the amount it affected our enjoyment of Wellington as a whole? Probably not, but it’s definitely a lesson learnt and we won’t do that again. If there aren’t any reasonably enjoyable jobs in Oz available to travellers then we’ll probably see you all in England before Christmas! Anyway…


One thing I obviously missed from England was Sport. But in all honesty that’s not been much of a big deal and has been a bonus of being here.

Firstly, they love Rugby Union here. In the Northern Hemisphere Union is largely a war of attrition as one big guy gets smothered by another big guy and they try and win a penalty for a little guy to kick over the posts. That attitude is certainly not the case here as they reject penalties often to try and score a try and spread the ball quickly. It’s a completely different sport and 1 billion times more watchable!

A case in point is the Super 15 game we went to see. The Highlanders from Dunedin beat the Wellington team, the Hurricanes 49-44 (93 points!). That doesn’t happen much in English Rugby.

I’ve also had a good time playing football myself. Sprig and Fern FC (a pub team) has been really fun to play for. I’ve been on pretty good form and it’s been a good social thing. Also played for a few 6/5 a side teams. Soccer’s not massive over here at all, and at least half the players in the league probably are not Kiwi, but you do see plenty of hats and scarves for the Phoenix (Wellington’s A-League team) who do get higher attendances than York, for a similar population…


Windy Welly has been quite windy for us at times, but to say it’s winter it’s been really quite tame.

Of course, the big deal has been…


Earthquakes are almost something to put on a ‘to do’ list for New Zealand. Having been involved in a few I would strongly recommend against them.

Wellington has over 20 known fault lines running through it. 20. Not one, which is more than the UK. 20. More than that, they’re not really sure and finding new faults all the time.

Generally Wellington wobbles a few times a year, but the past few weeks have been pretty intense even by Wellington standards.

The first quake we were aware of, sort of, was a 5.7 magnitude I think. To compare, the biggest one in Britain, the Market Rasen one about 5 years ago was 5.2 in the epicentre. I woke up to a wobbling room and fell back asleep, I think that was on a Friday morning.

On the next Sunday there was a similar one at a similar time which I slept through. It was an eventful day all round. I played football in the afternoon and got knocked unconscious and got a concussion and stitches. After a trip to A&E, which I don’t really remember, me and Leigh went for a walk, mostly to keep me active. On that walk we saw James Nesbitt. Hooray.

Then at about 5:15 a pretty big quake hit, 6.5 is pretty big by anyone’s standards. The room shook loads and one of our windows smashed. After Christchurch these things cause some real worries. Wellington is built of tough stuff but anything much bigger or with a closer epicentre could have been bad. The news for the next few days mostly consisted of people wondering if there could be another one in the coming 2 weeks. After hours of discussion they decided it was possible but that they had no idea really.

Bar a few aftershocks things calmed down a lot after that and the 100 year old building with huge cracks we worked in managed to limp through its final few weeks before renovation. That was until another 6.5 quake hit over 3 weeks later (last Friday to you and me). Again no serious damage was done but it’s hard to explain how weird they are when they’re taking place, and it shows how vulnerable Wellington is. To try and put it into context, if a 6.5 quake hit York then the station, Minster, walls, Clifford’s tower, most bridges and the majority of buildings, certainly anything vaguely old (of which we seem to have a few) would be in big trouble.

They’re kind of cool in theory, but it will be a relief to get out the region!

After Welly…

… we went to helpx on a small farm near a town called Carterton for a week. It was proper countryside, they even had a pet lamb until she got a bit stroppy and they had to send her to the field.

It was really nice getting out of the city for a few days and meet some new people. We did some painting and drank lots of beer and didn’t come last in a pub quiz so that was good. It was nice to actually get some job satisfaction for a change!

After that we then went back to Wellington for the All-Blacks game against Australia. It was cool to go to see the best team in the world playing Rugby and the event was really big. It wasn’t the best game of Rugby but it was well worth it to say we’ve seen an All-Blacks home test. They won quite comfortably but they had an advantage that Australia kept giving them the ball back for the whole game. Silly them.

For our flight to Melbourne we needed to get to Auckland. We stopped off on the way and stayed with Jan and Ingrid who had hosted us back in April. There was a big party and we got a chance to catch up with loads of people from Rotorua which was the perfect way to end our time in NZ. I met my other girlfriend Ivy the cat again and it was beautiful.
Then we got a flight to Melbourne, but I’ll let Leigh tell you all about that… HOORAY!

Our time in New Zealand has been amazing. The 6 months we’ve been here has gone unbelievably fast. When we stop and look back at all the stuff we’ve done and people we’ve met we realise how much we’ve crammed into the short space. The country is completely ridiculous. Whoever looked at it’s impossibly jagged mountains, vast amount of volcanoes and tendency to rock from side to side vigorously and thought “This seems like a nice place to settle” was a complete idiot. But I’m pleased they did.

Thanks to everyone who’s made it possible. From Waipu, Auckland, to Katikati, Rotorua, the south island (mostly Simon), Wellington and Carterton we’ve had a great time meeting some really great people.

I will put on some picture soon.

Peace, D

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