Bye then


We’re off. Chances are if you’re reading this you’re related to one of us. Hello family.

If not you probably stumbled across this link whilst bored on your Facebook. If so, hello. I don’t promise that this will keep your eyes and brain busy for longer than about 20 seconds. Sozza.

Over the coming months and however long this is where we’ll be writing about our experiences.

For anyone that doesn’t know we’re heading to New Zealand in a few hours and coming back in x amount of time via Australia. We’re flying to Auckland and staying there for a few days before going to a small town called Waipu to work for accommodation in a really nice looking motel for 10 days or so. After that we’ll see what happens, a 5 day Cricket match in Auckland seems like an ideal way to teach Leigh about the sport so it seems only fair on her that we attend that.

I’d add more information and interesting facts about the trip but to be honest we don’t have any yet. I thought about taking a picture of Leigh’s cat on account of not having anything travel related yet but I haven’t got round to it. Again, sorry.

See you in a few days.

Love from Dave xoxox


About Penny Leigh

I was just minding my own business and now I'm fighting fracking.
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