Helo. I should warn you that some of the stories in this submission aren’t strictly true. This might be a common feature of posts mostly written whilst Leigh’s having a shower.

Our first plan today was to go to a supermarket we’d been told about but we walked straight past it because we got distracted by a Subway’s and wondered if we could reliably tell the exchange rate by working out the difference in price of the cookies here compared to England. We were in the area so went to check out the ground where England will play New Zealand at Cricket in a couple of weeks. It’s a really cute ground in a really nice neighbourhood but when the match is on we’re gonna get riled and trash it. #Grrrrr.

We then wandered all the way into Auckland city itself which was a long way along some roads. Did anyone else know that New Zealand drive on the left? It’s actually really weird because over time we’ve learnt that when abroad they drive on the right so sometimes we just get run over. #Crazy. We wandered round Auckland for a while. The city itself seems reasonable enough, but we get the impression the suburbs (we’re in Mount Eden) are the nicest bit. The place we (Dave) would most compare Auckland to in the way it looks is Vice City from Grand Theft Auto fame. The outskirts feel like they’re from the 1980’s (in a good way), the houses look similar and there are regular gun stand offs between Cubans and Haitians. All that’s missing is a beach. Even the radio stations sound like Wave 103.

We did end up wandering, accidently, into the University of Auckland campus which was very impressive and very big. Being two young-20’s people with backpacks meant we didn’t really stand out much and so we had a wander and even took part in a really interesting debate with Professor Brian Cox about space.

We then walked through a really nice park which had the worlds least densely populated duck pond (I counted 2) and back to our hostel. It was a gorgeously warm day all day and me and Leigh have already caught the sun. That combined with the ridiculously hilly nature of Auckland mean we’ll probably be in bed before 9 again.

We then had a second look for the supermarket, found it exactly where it was supposed to be and bought enough food to get us through til Saturday.

Not sure what we’re planning for tomorrow. I can’t promise it’ll be any more interesting than today but I can promise we’ll tell you all about it again.

Here are some picture we took.

We didn’t really see Brian Cox, I made that up.


You can run from Barry but you can’t hide.



Leigh loves festivals.

Night Night.


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