Made it!

Think it’ll work best write updates as we go and upload them in bulk when we can get online, so here’s Thursday morning…

Made it!

Hooray, the planes didn’t crash! Actually the whole journey was completely painless, save a slight delay, and the usual amount of pain you’d expect for sitting on a plane for a day a half. Turns out New Zealand is REALLY far away.

Customs was easier than we’d expected – Dave didn’t have to show his visa, proof of funds or return flight confirmation. Leigh didn’t even get questioned on her dodgy Australian accent upon showing her Oz passport.
The highlight of the trip was probably the jolly security man at Sydney airport…
“Where are you going to?”
“Oh. You know why they call it Auckland, don’t you?
“Erm, no. Why?”
*signals to come closer, whispers* “because that’s where Orks are from!”
Definitely looking forward to exploring Australia!

So far everyone has been very friendly and getting to our hostel was super easy. Seems like a pretty nice place and we even managed a curry last night! 😀

Now we’re off for an explore in the sun…
Lots of New Zealand love xoxox


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I was just minding my own business and now I'm fighting fracking.
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