Leigh’s Impressions of Auckland

Hello lovely person reading this!

First of all I am going to blabble and you can skip this bit if you already know it/don’t care. Essentially, the country of New Zealand is made up of two islands, the North and the South and the whole thing is situated about 900 miles east of Australia (go google!). Auckland is NZs biggest city, in the north of the North Island, which is where the airport is, and therefore where we have started.

So we spent a couple of days in Auckland and here are some thoughts about it J

I really loved the city. I thought it was pretty clean as massive cities go, and (this is my first impression of New Zealand as a whole actually) there is greenery EVERYWHERE. Hooray! Again, we were actually staying in Mount Eden Village, which is about an hour’s walk outside the main city, and which was absolutely beautiful. Beautiful houses, etc (if you’ve got a spare $1,000,000 to spare) and lots of little cafes and shops I like that sell things like organically brewed vegan beer.

We had a good explore, wandered over to Eden Park, the Sky Tower (that’s the big famous one, but we didn’t go up it because that costs like $30) the harbour, etc. All the sights really, and although we didn’t see Brian Cox (shock) we did find our way to the University which was very impressive… I think if I’d been an international student from Auckland turning up at Lancaster I would have been a wee bit disappointed. And I love Lancaster.

We had a good explore of the Auckland domain which is kinda like a massive park in the city except for its HUGE. It has big roads running through it and a big cricket pitch and other such parky things. We also huffed it up to the top of Mount Eden – we climbed a mountain! From where you can see very lovely views of the whole city, such as the ones that Dave already posted. Except for our camera isn’t that good and in real life it’s much more spectacular and also it was a lot warmer than the pictures make it look.

And that is all of the interesting (? You tell me…) things I can think of about our first bit in Auckland.


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