Why not?

So, on Saturday we got a bus to a lovely little place called Waipu, which is in Northland (the next county up), about 2 hours north of the city. We have come to stay with Claire and Pete, who own a motel here. They are letting us stay in an amazing room and feeding us amazing food and in exchange we are going to work for them, but we haven’t really had much to do yet! This is part of the Help Exchange scheme, which we hope to do more of as we travel around the country – and this is our first experience of it so in a way quite an important week!

Waipu is a historical town founded by Scottish settlers who had one heck of a journey way back in the 18-somethings. It’s a diddy place with a population of about 1,500, but it seems to be pretty wealthy and it has all the essentials so it’s not depressingly small. There are also 2 lovely german girls from Hamburg doing what we’re doing, except they’ve got a lot more experience so they’re much better at it – but it’s really nice to have someone to show us the ropes in a way. Today we went for a little trip to ‘Piroa Falls’ which were insanely beautiful but apparently a pretty common sight here. Lucky us!
Being a mountain stream it was pretty cold, but not as cold as Scarborough. Here are some pictures 🙂

Very Brave

Very Brave

our home for the next 10 days...

our home for the next 10 days…






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