Life in Waipu

Well, we have been in Waipu for just over a week now so here’s a little about what’s been happening…


Generally we work in the morning – taking care of the motel, working in the garden and doing maintenance around the place. The work is actually really enjoyable and we are looking forward to being able to learn some new stuff! Then we have time to spend outside exploring. We’ve been to the beach and the park a lot. Today we went to the Waipu Museum and learnt about the founding of the town. It is a pretty epic story of a few hundred Scots who migrated via Canada and Australia and eventually settled here after 40 odd years. We also had a little hike and explored awesome glow-worm caves and had a trip to NZ’s only Oil Refinery!


Actually the oil refinery was super interesting. It’s located in a place by Ruakaka and (after doing all the refining part) has a pipeline that delivers fuel all the way to Auckland, which is pretty cool! It actually takes airline fuel all the way to the airport we arrived by, again pretty cool! It’s maybe a little bit freaky that they built said Oil Refinery in the middle of this astoundingly beautiful area… maybe that goes to show how many of said beautiful areas NZ has to spare?!


In other news, we’re coming to the end of summer here and unlike Britain this season has been incredibly hot and dry – so much so that the whole of the North Island is officially a drought zone and there is big news about the damage to the economy and all that, which isn’t very cheery. However! The good news is that there has been some rain (although not enough apparently) but anyway, it’s nice that we get to be happy that there’s a little wet weather. Note to self: Try to remember that throughout the winter!


We are really enjoying New Zealand so far, especially staying with our generous hosts. We’re getting particularly excited for our return to Auckland to watch England win the cricket, and organising our onward trip. After Auckland we plan to travel further south to the region of the ‘Bay of Plenty’ (doesn’t that sound like a great place!?) so many more exciting things to come =D


Lots of love to all our friends and family – we miss you all! xox


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