Photo’s of the week

Hello world.

Leigh mostly sighs and tells me off when I try and write a blog entry. I don’t blame her really.

She has allowed me the role of official photographer of our trip so here’s some interesting things we did this week. And also a picture of ducks.

One of the things we were, understandably, most worried about leaving behind in the UK was Morecambe. And in particular the glorious brown stones and water of the bay. Imagine our delight when it turns out that New Zealand has one or two beaches that can rival (and possibly even be better than) Mozza B. Within cycling distance of the motel is Uretiti beach. Yes, it is pronounced ‘you’re a titty’ but only immature people would find that funny and I hope our blog is attracting a higher class of person… This is a picture of Leigh on the beach, notice the fact there’s no one else there. For miles and miles there are just the odd people dotted around beaches here; it’s not quite Scarborough on Bank Holiday Monday.


Uretiti beach is, allegedly, a nudist beach. Certainly information about it makes a big deal over the fact that if you want to go skinny dipping you’re more than welcome. Of course, being an idiot I chose embrace this opportunity and bare all to the seagulls of Northland. There is photographic evidence but for now it remains CENSORED. If you want to see it you need to get #wewantdavesbum trending worldwide on Twitter. Believe.

One of the best things about where we’ve been staying is that Claire has been great at organising us visits and trips to places in the local area. The first one we went to- Piroa Falls- we put some pictures up of in the last blog. We’ve also been taken to New Zealand’s oil refinery, a timber mill which is a big supplier of timber in NZ and some caves which house glow worms. It’s been great to see and learn about things whilst we have the chance. The refinery had an informative guest centre which had a cool model of the facility. At the timber mill, which is next door to the motel we were able to get a tour of and again it was interesting to learn about the processes and how it goes from tree to table.

The caves we assumed would be the most photogenic of the three. However it turns out that photo’s of pitch blackness don’t work that well. We did get a cool shot of the entrance to the caves, you’ll just have to take our word for it that we went a lot further in and saw loads of stalagmites and stalactites ‘n’ dat.


Also at the caves were some good walking paths. We went with our hosts’ son Chris and his 2 kids. They were a really nice bunch but it’s a bit depressing struggling up a hill wishing your legs would fall off whilst 9 year old kids zoom up past you. This picture makes it look like we’re on LOST. omg da uvvers are comin!!!!! lol


A pretty cool shot of New Zealand. I get the impression over the course of our trip there will be plenty more photo op’s like this one, it’s a rather attractive place.


There’s a really nice park in Waipu which we like to have a sit in and read and feed the ducks. We took some pictures but I look ridiculous in them all so here’s a picture of the aforementioned ducks.


Leigh’s campaign to cuddle every cat in New Zealand has gotten off to a good start.


Hope everyone is good at home. See you in Auckland. Come on Monty Panesar!!!!!!

Love from Dave. xoxoxox


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