Waipu to Sunnyvale

Hello friends!

Just for the record, it is NOT true that I tell him off when he writes to you, I’m just a little more committed to the accuracy of your information than he is! :p

Nevertheless I am sorry, so here’s a picture of Dave and the lovely Eva who we were sad to leave behind in Waipu.


We left Waipu yesterday after a wonderful 10 days and will miss it a lot, especially as we left just as Pete fell ill – many thanks to everyone and to Pete a speedy recovery.

So we’re back in Auckland and this time we are back in the ‘burbs camping in a nice place called Sunnyvale (does sound nice, don’t you think?) Getting online here might prove to be a challenge but we’ll send updates as often as we can. For now here’s a picture we took when our lovely new neighbour came to welcome us to the area…


TTFN, loveleigh xo





About Penny Leigh

I was just minding my own business and now I'm fighting fracking.
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2 Responses to Waipu to Sunnyvale

  1. Simon says:


  2. Oohhhhh so thats why I havent seen you online in forever! Hope you’re having a great time darling xxxx

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