More Rotorua

Hello all,


Been a while since our last blog so thought we’d do a bit of an update, even if we don’t have much to say.


We’re still in Rotorua which is still a very pretty place although it turns out you don’t really get used to the smell. We stayed with Ingrid and Jan until Sunday which was the plan and we are to go back there in about a week’s time to look after Jacob for the first week of their Easter holidays, which oddly take place about 2 weeks after Easter. #NZOLO


For this week we’re staying with Liz and Steve who are actually English and met each other at school in Northampton and have raised a family over here. I sometimes border on asking people what made them move to New Zealand to settle down but when it comes down to it if the choice is Northampton Vs New Zealand (for example) it seems a silly question. They live in a really nice house which is quite central in Rotorua and the main shops are only a few minutes’ walk away. They are really friendly and I think we’ll have another really good week being here.


Unless a particularly good opportunity comes up we think we will move on to Wellington in about 2 weeks time and try and find jobs there. The longest drought in the history of New Zealand is over and the last few days have really had a bit of a feel of autumn about them. Much of what Rotorua specialises in is outside so it might be nice to be in an actual city with indoor jobs when the winter gets here. Besides, we’ll have been here nearly a month and that’s long enough in a small town really innit m8 2k13.


We’ve done some really cool things in Rotorua the last week or so. We’ve been mountain biking in the Redwood forest and gone on some nice walks, taken part in another life drawing class and seen lots of the local sights. Dave also played his second game for Rotorua United which was a 6-2 win over a town called Opotiki.


There is a stir around the female population of Rotorua about rumours that Dave may be the next model at the life drawing class. More news on that when we receive it.





Leigh and a big tree.


This tree was in the path so I just picked it up and chucked it out the way.

One day we cooked and it wasn't actually a disaster.

One day we cooked and it wasn’t actually a disaster.

Very arty.

Very arty.








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