Rotorua again again

Here are some things what we have done:


We made Pizza! Turns out it’s actually not that hard. This is a big success for us because not only was it very yummy but we are managing to expand our culinary repatoire(?)… We also made a pretty great ratatouille as well. By the time we get back to England we are going to be masterchefs. Yay! Also note the lovely MistyMoo eyeing up our dinner. Of all the excellent animals we have met she is by far one of the best, and that’s saying something.



Rotorua is a particularly green city, with enormous lakes and forests, etc. In comparison this very nice park seems kind of pale, which is funny because it’s actually spectacular. So far we’ve only explored a bit of it, but besides this pretty lake there are dozens of hot mud pools and thermal heated baths (the whole city is like a big spa – you can literally just soak your feet while you’re waiting for a bus). Fantastic place. 


This is what people with artistic talent can accomplish in half an hour. (Not me, just for the record). Dave enjoyed getting his botty out and he did wonderfully on his debut as a life model. It’s nice to know he’s got a career to fall back on. Not a bad portrait, huh? 

As we said, lots of lakes. This one is the ‘Blue’ Lake Tikitapu. Lovely. As you can see from the clouds we definitely aren’t in the height of summer anymore… Autumn has set in although you can still enjoy being outside. The tricky thing is that the weather can change from blue skies to rain pretty quickly. Keeps things interesting though. 


I’m rather proud of this picture – Lake Tarawera.


We accompanied Liz, Steve and MistyMoo on a hike to Hamurana springs. If you can drag your eyes away from our pretty faces look how amazingly clear the water is. This spring is the source of the (very little) river – the actual bit where the water comes out of the earth. I’ve never seen anything like it before so I think it’s all very exciting. It actually does look like glass, you can see everything in perfect detail. Apparently this spring produces enough water to fill 2 Olympic size swimming pools every hour. Cool!



Yesterday we came back to stay with Ingrid, Jan and Jacob. Here he is demonstrating how tasty our cupcakes are. Great decorating!



We went mountain biking and it rained a LOT. Aren’t we adventurous!!? To be honest I was finding the ‘easy’ tracks challenging already, but adding loads of slippy mud certainly does make the whole thing more interesting! Dave was grubby too but he was more interested in a hot shower than documenting it for you. 


"If this was a human girl you would not be happy."

“If this was a human girl you would not be happy.”

That’s a direct quote.

Isn’t his beard coming along well?!!??

So, that’ll do. We are here for one more week and then off to Wellington next Tuesday. Love to all xoxo





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