Although we lost the camera and then found it on our last day in Wellington, we did manage some pictures from New Zealand- here they are:


There’s a market on Sunday in Wellington. Sometimes the fruit is bigger than average, which makes Leigh well pleased.

[Edit: Hello! It is Leigh! I just want to make sure Dave has fully impressed upon you how exciting big fruit AND VEGETABLES can be. That there in my right hand is a SILVERBEET which is kinda like swiss chard. It cost $1. $1!!!!!! That’s amazing! It’s ENORMOUS! Fabulous. The carrot was massive too you just can’t tell because the silverbeet is so big. Yay!]


I really like this picture, one of the best things about Wellington is that you could take really nice pictures like this right in the city centre.


This man looks over Wellington harbour. Sometimes tourists pretend to be pushing him in but we’re not that immature.


Leigh thinks it’s well funny to pretend to fall into the sea, what a wally!!!!!


This is, I think, the worst water feature in the world. Plastic buckets awkwardly pour into each other and sometimes splashes unsuspecting people who are busy texting. Other people disagree and it’s now a Wellington ‘icon’. I must be getting old.


Look at how good a barista Leigh is now!!!!! Only kidding, this was a coffee we bought in a coffee shop, but Leigh’s such a prankster she wanted to pretend she made it.


This was in the countryside, believe it or not.


I wish I could come up with words to describe how cute this picture is. Ivy was a lamb who lived in the house in Carterton until she took pretending to be a dog one step too far and started climbing on furniture. This is a look of desperation of wanting to come back inside. Poor lamb. 😦


We went to a quiz night whilst in Carterton. Our team were the Purple Pirates but only me, Rhiann and Chuckles the Teddy really bought into the uniform. My gang signs need work, where’s my pinky going?


An Englishman and an Argentinian would have found the quiz loads easier if the question weren’t all about some insignificant country somewhere near to Australia….


The Australian’s have a lineout in a dangerous place. I’m pretty sure this was one of the 100 times they gave the All Blacks the ball.


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