Hello Australia!

We had a lovely little fly across the Tasman and we are now in Melbourne!

Here are some number facts from the internet that may or may not be true:
For perspective, Melbourne has a population of about 4 ¼ million people. I think that’s about half of the people who live in London, but then the whole of the West Midlands built up area has just under 2.5 million, so in conclusion, it’s pretty big.

The ‘bigness’ of Australia is something we’re just beginning to consider and something I for one am really struggling to fathom. Did you know it’s like 950 kms from Melbourne to Sydney. This country is massive!! I think the reason it’s so weird is because the middle is so empty. Imagine the USA with New York and LA and not a lot in between. Woah!

Of course the consequence is that you don’t really live in the city as a whole, but rather in the bit of it, and the bit that we’re in is really very nice. For the next 3 weeks or so we are staying with a great family of 6 in a place called Greensborough, which is a pretty big suburb about 30 minutes by train from the city centre.

Last night when we were walking back we saw a possum (or a raccoon? I don’t really know what the difference is and it was dark) doing the upside down crawl across the power line. Whacky!

One day we went for a lovely explore in the CBD. Have you ever had to go to London and you get off the train and go out of the station, and it’s all just a bit overwhelming with how busy and chaotic it is, and you feel kinda dumb and like everyone around can tell that you’re not from there and don’t really know what you are doing? Well it was a bit like that, just much cleaner.

What a nice train station.

What a nice train station.

Melbourne has a fantastic reputation, and we’ve been hearing nothing but good things about it since we started travelling. From the little we’ve seen so far we can agree that it is a lively and interesting place to be, and we’re really looking forward to spending a few weeks here.




Anyway, we’ve been here just about a week now and we’ve had a jolly good explore. On Saturday we did another explore in Melbourne which is now a lot more familiar, and we went to an Aussie Rules football match which I think is always going to be a bit confusing, but it was a lot of fun.

I took a picture but it was on my old school film camera so you’re gonna have to wait for that one, sozza. Aussie Rules is kinda like Rugby, but different. There are LOADS of people on the pitch and they don’t really stop running around. The game is made up of 4 quarters like American football. The goals are 4 tall vertical poles and you can score 6 points for kicking it through the middle 2 posts and 1 point for the outer posts. They seem to tackle each other a lot but I haven’t quite figured out the finer points of it. Also, the ball is a lot like a rugby ball, which is funny because they bounce it sometimes like in Basketball. Crazy!

Most of the time we have just been enjoying the nice weather as spring is setting in – it really has been a very long time since we’ve had a proper summer and we’re really looking forward to this one, though by the time it comes we’ll probably be parched and begging for snow.

Barry St, Greenborough

Barry St, Greensborough

I’m happy/disappointed to report that we haven’t really seen any dangerous animals, and I haven’t seen a single spider this whole week, which makes me feel a bit let down but I suppose it’s a good thing. We had a good ramble in a nice nature reserve place where we were told there were kangaroos, but we didn’t see any. Maybe another day…



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