australia by dave nicholson aged 22

In the last blog Leigh said we went to a park where there were apparently kangaroos but we didn’t see any. To be honest we were suspecting we’d just been punked and there were no kangaroos. In fact, we were wondering if the existence of kangaroos in Australia as a whole was just one big in joke to make foreigners believe something stupid. We thought that when they filmed skippy the bush kangaroo that at the end of every episode a man unzipped the costume and went “omg, I can’t believe that all these people outside of Australia believe that kangaroos are real!!!”

rangakoo kroo kangarooCostume062 kizzle and rizzle

^ Australias idea of a practical joke?

But then we went back and there were loads. So that was the end of that.


Before this trip I always said penguin was my favourite animal, and it probably still is but kangaroo is also really good. Leigh said that it’s weird because they look exactly like you imagine but they’re still quite surprising somehow. They’re quite varying in size, some are probably about as tall as me and they’re quite a lot fatter too. But they’re so graceful and make no sound. They just kind of looked at us and went about their own business like we weren’t there. We even saw some with babies in their pouches. To an Australian who sees Kangaroos every day in the office/down the pub this will all seem a bit ott, but I thought they were great.


Here are some of them.


030 027 

Apart from that we’ve been doing some other things as well.


The people we’re staying with are really really nice. They are a family of 6 with the 4 kids ranging from 12 to 17. They’re very sporty and their youngest son is named Bradman, after Don Bradman the famous Aussie cricketer. It is a tip I will taking and my kids will be called Parslow and Fyfield after 2 York City FC LEGENDS!!!!!!! They’re very good at sport and we’ve seen their 2 daughters playing both netball and basketball and on both occasions they as an individual outscored everyone else playing. That reminds me of that time I played football and scored 100 goals in a match.


We do odd jobs around the house and we’ve become quite good at cooking for 8 people in one meal. This is a Shepherds Pie that says Dave in it.



We went to see the Melbourne Storm play Rugby League as well. It’s an odd city for sport, the Storm are arguably the best team in the world (certainly were last season) and yet in Melbourne, which is sports mad they only average about 12,000 fans. AFL games very rarely fail to break 40,000 at the MCG and even the better soccer team, the Victory, get over 20,000 to home games, despite the standard being barely better than the Lancaster University College B league. The Storm won with the brilliantly named Cooper Cronk scoring an extra time golden point drop goal.


Melbourne’s really nice and we could easily stay here for a while. That said we’re not going to. We’ve thought about it quite a lot and we’re just not really fancying living in a city and doing jobs and getting a flat thing the same again. Some bits in Wellington were good, but the work was rubbish and it felt a bit pointless sometimes.


Instead we’re going to go to a town called Rye which is on the Mornington Peninsula. The Peninsula is a gorgeous area just south of Melbourne which is a huge tourist destination in Summer. We have a helpx lined up there and they’re happy for us to look for paid work as well. So if all goes to plan we’ll have free accommodation and be earning some money. Even if we just do a few hours a week each it’ll be good. The family seem really nice and we’re really looking forward to going.


But before that we have about a month to kill. We’re toying with the idea of getting another rental relocation but last time we did that we ended up taking a minibus round the south island of NZ. It might be a good chance to go to Sydney/Gold Coast/Perth/Alice Springs now, but we’re not sure what to do. We have 5 days to decide so aaages. Instead of planning, tomorrow we’re going to watch Australian Who Wants to be a Millionaire being recorded. Hopefully the next blog will consist of me getting on the show after someone doesn’t turn up for their recording date and telling you we’ve moved to Vanuatu because I bought it.


If anyone has any ideas please tell us or we might just sit in a park for 4 weeks not sure what to do.


There was an election in Australia recently. It’s weird because people back home in Britain seemed a lot more bothered than anyone here. I guess that’s because the Gillard government was very unpopular here for a long time so it was never going to be close or a big event. Labour’s cunning plan of replacing her with a prime minister who had previously been unpopular and given a vote of no confidence by his own party funnily enough didn’t change the race much and the Conservative/Liberal (no idea how that works either) coalition won by a landslide. People in Britain only noticed there was an election at the last minute so there seemed to be a lot of hysteria about how horrible a man Abbott is (I can’t remember his first name) but to be honest from what I can tell his and Gillard’s policies seem almost identical. Both are against gay marriage and immigration, neither are planning on moving Australia to somewhere in the world where anyone will notice anything they do. I was quite pleased Abbott won because he looks a bit like Agent Smith from the Matrix.  #politics.

hugo weeing

Victoria State council have probably the best Railway Safety ad campaign in the world ever:


I’d recommend watching it. The characters are everywhere. Here is photographic evidence Leigh will not not try and change platforms across the tracks or skip level crossing gates!


So yeah, that is what’s happened in Australia so far. We’ve been here 3 weeks and feel very comfortable, but the next month could see us anywhere really, which I suppose is exciting.


Shout out to Lynette Scavo from Desperate Housewives.


015 lizzie


love from dave bye.


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