This is what we have been doing


It has been ages since our last blog and to be honest I don’t know where the time has gone. People say time goes quickly when you’re travelling but this is just silly.

It feels like no time ago we were in Waipu, or Rotorua or the South island of NZ or moving into our Wellington flat, but the truth is that those things all happened more than or only slightly less than 6 months ago now.

It feels like yesterday we flew into Melbourne and moved in with the Laird family in Greensborough, but that was near the end of August and it’s already half way through October. It’s almost a month to the day that we last blogged but it feels so fresh in the memory. Soz.

After leaving Greensborough we decided to come to another helpx in a very small place just North of Melbourne. In Britain this would be a fair chunk of the nation away but in Australia it’s basically the same place. It’s called Glenlyon and there’s nothing really here except some houses and a pub, which is all you need I think.

We are living on a small farm block. The guy who lives here has an incredible amount of stuff going on, he plants so much fruit and veg and has a dam and chickens and ducks and all sorts of things I don’t understand how they work. We do various tasks including general maintenance and cooking and that. We’ve been here for 3 weeks now and are going to stay roughly one more.

It’s been a pretty comfortable few weeks. We’ve met some really nice people here and had a good time. It’s nice to be outdoors a lot of the time and doing different stuff. It will be nice to go somewhere a bit bigger with a bit more going on but it’s been a good experience being very rural.

Also, the weather in Victoria is stupid. It’s changeable beyond belief. This afternoon me and Leigh took a 1 hour walk where we set off in broad sunlight, then it started pouring down, then it was sunny again and then it starting hailing really strongly. And now it’s sunny again. Generally the weather has been pretty good and we’re starting to tan.

We’re looking forward to when it’s actually Summer.

These are some pictures that we took of things we saw:


“Get off me you complete idiot”


We live in a caravan. It is this one.


There are penguins on this farm. (Not really, this is Melbourne aquarium, silly me.)


I literally had no idea what I was doing up there.



Personally I’d have put a football pitch here but Peter went for ‘food’ and silly things like that.



Damn yous a sexy chick.



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