Great Ocean Road




The Great Ocean Road was amazing and the pictures we took deserve a blog post of their own. A great day out and so pleased we had the opportunity to do it on a day as beautiful as we did!

The Great Ocean Road is actually a war memorial, the biggest in the world and it’s hard to imagine a better tribute than possible the best road to travel in the world.

The 12 apostles (though there aren’t 12) are the most famous point, but we found others to be just as spectacular and considerably less busy.

The water in the pictures is beautiful but deadly. The coast the road follows is called the ‘shipwreck coast’ because the tides and currents are so strong. One of the bays 2 people out of hundreds on a boat survived a shipwreck and were washed up there, to think that we were standing in scenery that had barely been touched in the meantime was amazing.


Bay of Islands


“London Bridge” it used to be connected to the rock on the left of the picture but one day it just collapsed, about 20 years ago.


This is nice.


“Thunder Cave” the water gushing sounded like thunder and it’s a cave.



V good.



The 12 Apostles (the small piles on the floor count as apostles).



We sat and ate our lunch here. Pretty nice I fink.





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