It’s very rainy in australia


For a while we didn’t have any internet where we are now, but with an Ethernet cable we’re able to get on. So that’s good.

It’s been about a month since our last update and loads has happened and changed.

Firstly, we had a nice last week at Peter’s and then we left to come to a town called Rye. If you look a map then to the South East of Melbourne there’s a peninsula that looks like a small Italy, Rye is pretty much where the toe would be. It’s a touristy type place but to be honest Rye is basically a row of shops that stretch maybe a kilometre at a push on a sea front. Behind that front there is a ridiculously large labyrinth of streets and houses of which we are living somewhere in.

Before coming here we spent 2 days in Melbourne which was pretty awesome. The weather was great and it was nice to just be alone with the 2 of us again. Leigh begged me to take her to an A League football match and I reluctantly agreed. In truth I wanted to go and see an A League match and Leigh mostly read Gone With the Wind.

We saw Melbourne Heart play Central Coast Mariners. I’m a big football fan and I don’t like slamming quality of football, people take the piss out of MLS but I reckon that’s roughly championship level but oh my god this way awful. Basically what happened for 90 minutes was that a centre back hoofed the ball towards a winger who wasn’t marked but didn’t have the ability to control the ball very often so the other team got a throw in and tried doing the same. Patrick Kisnorbo and Marcel Seip were the two centre backs who played basically as quarterbacks, both were OK championship centre backs and were by far the best players on show. The game ended 2-2, Melbourne went 2-0 up after 2 pretty bad mistakes one from the keeper and one from a full back and then the referee gave Central Coast as bad a penalty as I’ve ever seen then a pretty solid looking penalty and then the match ended. James Meredith was an Aussie who played for York in non league and he was a class above the full backs on show, one struggled to stand up properly. Australia may well be the weakest team at the next World Cup, without Kewell, Viduka, Cahill, Shwartzer, Neill, Emerton etc they really have no quality.


Anyway then we came to Rye. The family we’re with are really, really nice. The two parents own a business in Rye which does Mexican food and live music. I think if there are 2 more generally like concepts in the world than ‘live music’ and ‘mexican food’ I need to hear them. They have 3 kids who run around shouting from 7AM to about 8PM and then we have an aspirin and go to bed.

But for the last week and a half, and for the next week and a half they’re all in Bali doing a holiday. So we have the house to ourselves. Not completely to ourselves because there’s a dog here called Charlie but he’s my favourite dog in the whole wide world and we’ve watched the Hangover Movies and we pretend we’re a wolfpack! Charlie can sit and stand on two legs and poo and bark at birds and generally do things dogs can do but better. I heard Leigh the other night ringing up Emirates and asking if she can the name of the second passenger to “Charlie McDog”…

Yes that’s right, we’re coming home!

We decided not to bother getting jobs here because as much as we are in Australia working shitty jobs to get by  is not what we want to do any more. Wellington was a lesson for us and we don’t want to repeat it. So, in less than 3 weeks we actually are coming home. Wowzer. 6:45 PM at Birmingham airport is where its at y’all.

So we’ve basically just chosen to enjoy our last few weeks here. We’re in this place for another couple of weeks, then we get a bus to Sydney where we stay for a few days and then fly home, simples.

We’d planned to spend this time alone in Rye sunning ourselves on the beach. We’ve definitely spent more time on the beach than the sun has out. Australia I suppose is a continent. Perth, Brisbane, Sydney etc are like the Greek climatey bits. Melbourne is like… England… sadly. The forecast is for some sun next week but I’ll believe it when I see it.

We were very lucky in that on the one sunny day we’ve had down here we were lucky enough to go and to the Great Ocean road with 2 english girls who’d helped with the family before and the Portuguese nanny who’s here too. It really was a road on the ocean and I think ‘great’ is a fair adjective.

Anyway, I’ll shut up now and show some pictures of things.

I’ve decided I’ll do another post with just Great Ocean Road pictures. ok thanks, bye.

This is a rare sunny day in Rye.As you can see by the shadow on her, Leigh’s anti-sun devices are very efficient. Well done Leigh.


I am such a div.


Fair enough.


They showed our episodes of Millionaire hot seat. I say ours, we were just behind the contestants head, but that’s still good.



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